"We have been using Latham products since 1985 and have relied on Bob's knowledge and expertise in the high performance marine industry. Latham steering systems have helped me to safely and successfully set many offshore speed records and win several National and World Championships in Offshore racing."

John Tomlinson, Partner
TNT Marine
"We have been building high performance Catamaran boats for 30 years and consider Latham Marine an equal partner in our quest to build the best boats on the planet."
Peter C. Hledin, President
Douglas Marine, Skater Power Boats

"Over our 40 years in business, we have been involved in many custom projects and one was a refit on the yacht Silver Cloud. The Captain came to us with a unique request for someone to design a small compact set of engine controls for the boat. At the time, no such thing was available. Having known Latham Marine and what they stand for, we paid Bob a visit. He welcomed the challenge and came through with a high-quality product that performed perfectly. I would recommend Latham Marine Products for any application and they'll find solutions. They are a true leader in the industry and have the highest quality products available today. "

Ron Muller, President
Electronics Unlimited
"We have sold more than 600 boats in the past six years and we've never had ONE failure." Latham product is exceptional, as is their customer service. Every business owner should take a chapter out of their book."
Scott Shogren, President
Shogren Performance Marine
"Latham Marine has some of the finest products on the market with a long history of product innovation. You can find their products throughout a Mystic C5000 and they work flawlessly."
John Cosker, President
Mystic Powerboats
"Latham's stuff is the BEST money can buy-they started this hydraulic steering and have been the best forever!"
Jeff Gerardi
Freeze Frame Video
"Being the JBS racing team owner and driver-I demand the very best products and personnel I can find to keep us as safe as possible.When Im racing I need 200% concentration and any little thing that I question can throw off my game.Latham allows me to compete at the highest level with total confidence.With Latham I get incredible control and feedback without power steering."
Jeff Stevenson
JBS Racing #121 Owner/Driver



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